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About this site

Founded in 2011, we are a dating and community site catering to the curvier side of life: voluptuous vixens and hourglass admirers alike are welcome here. Our aim is to put men in touch with real women.

Why curves?

Curves are the ultimate expression of femininity. Although the media has, for the last 30 years or so, been dominated by images of stick-thin size zero models, throughout history it has been the fuller figure that has held most appeal. Take away the superficial expectations imposed by these images and most men agree that this is still the case.

In fact, it has been proven that not only do curves trigger a state of euphoria in most men’s brains, but there is recent evidence to suggest that curvier women are actually more intelligent than their skinny counterparts. And to top it all off, curvy ladies live longer.

So the question really should be, why wouldn’t you want curves? We have no answer for that, which is why this site exists.

More than just a dating site

We are part of the Hot For… Dating Network, which means we aim to promote positive attitudes towards the sizeist agenda and connect more closely with our target community than most dating sites do.

We do this in a number of ways: firstly, through our active blog which we update with articles of interest to the fuller-figured community, be it serious issues such as anti-sizeism or more lighthearted pieces. We also maintain a Twitter page, through which we communicate with our community, a Facebook page to connect with mature people in a social way and a YouTube channel featuring entertaining and informative videos for your enjoyment.

Who runs this site?

HotForCurves is run by Roxy Crouch, a curvy brunette who lives in London and knows everything about life as a curvaceous lady. She has always been proud of her hourglass figure (and her husband, the founder of the Hot For Dating network, has always loved it too) and runs this site with the aim of both putting people in touch but also helping promote a positive image for fuller-figured women around the world.

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Of course you are also welcome to get in touch with us with questions. We are available on the phone and via e-mail and will be happy to help answer them.