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Matt Curtis

Curvy is Smart

We’ve shared a lot of reasons why curvy women are the best, some based of opinion, still others on science. If you still aren’t convinced you might be a little crazy, in our opinion, but... Read more

Curves Spark Controversy

We stumbled across some interesting controversy with a unique outcome over the past week. Recently, a teacher posted on Instagram with some interesting results, upsetting some and empowering many,... Read more

Christian Siriano, the Designer for Curves

If you’ve been following our blog you know we love to highlight people who are doing great things for curvy women everywhere. One of the latest examples of this is Christian Siriano, a clothing... Read more

Second is the New First for an Italian Model

Recently, the Miss Italy pageant took place, and with it some irregular drama surrounding one of the contestants. While events took place like usual the second place contestant not only wowed but... Read more

Instagram Is Trending a Curvy New Hashtag

You’ve seen us talk a lot about Instagram, its visual platform leads to a lot of negative, and positive things when it comes to curvy women and body image. We’ve seen some very poor trends but... Read more

Drawing up Some Curves

We’ve seen the fight for positive body images take many different forms, some more elegant than others. Like any battle the old saying, “The pen can be mightier than the sword” holds true... Read more

Body Shaming, the Modern Epidemic

With how connected we are in the modern world it’s impossible to not be constantly seeing or sharing pictures and videos of yourself and others. This has ushered in a major issue in the modern... Read more