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5 Real Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

Regardless of where you’re at with your relationship or if you currently have one to begin with everyone always wonders how you know you’re with the one. You’ll see many different ways to tell if they’re really the person for you but we’ve taken time to find you the 5 real signs you’ve found your perfect match.


They Passed the Friend Test

One thing that everyone seems to worry about but often times discount is the “friend test.” This first time your significant other meets your friends is always a bit nerve-wracking but if it went well then it’s got to be a good sign! Even more important than impressing your friends is your uneasiness about having them meet them in the first place.


You’ve Always Got Things to Talk About

Maybe it was work or something that you saw when you were out for drinks with friends but you’ve always got something to share with your significant other. In some cases there may not be anything important at all but there always seems to be a willingness to talk regardless of how the day’s been or if there’s been anything important going on.


You’re Finding Things in Common

One of the staples of a good relationship is finding things in common; maybe it’s your mutual interest obscure in comic book characters or fitness but you always seem to be interested in the same things. Finding commonalities is always a good sign for your relationship, common grounds mean easy conversations and relations for the both of you!


You Make Fun of Each Other

Let’s be honest here, when have you ever seen a good relationship where two people haven’t constantly poked fun at one another? If you’re so comfortable with someone that you can joke with someone about almost anything you know you’ve grown really close!


It Just Feels Right!

There’s something to be said for that gut feeling you have; if it feels right then go for it! When you’re with someone you know you’ll have that feeling, either its right or it’s wrong. In the end that’s the feeling you usually go with and it’s usually the right one, don’t discount it!

Whether you’ve been with your significant other for a long or short time these 5 signs are a great way to see if they could really be the one for you. If they’re not there right away always resort to number 5 and the others just might come!