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5 Reasons Dating a Curvy Girl is The Best

Some of you may already know the wonders of dating a curvy girl, you have even been swayed by our blog post, “7 Reasons You Should Date a Curvy Girl” then again, maybe not. For those of your still in question, you’re crazy, but either way here are 5 reasons dating curvy girls it the best!


It’s Science

We told you before but it’s always fun to tell you again, men love curves – its science. Staring at curves releases the same chemicals in the brain as alcohol and odds are they’re not going to give you a wicked hangover afterwards!


They’re Up for Any Adventure

Many girls are hesitant to go out and do things like nature treks or exploring unknown areas of town. Like we said, curvy girls can handle themselves and they’ll never turn down a challenge. Go out and explore nature or a new town, they’ll never turn down an adventure.


They Can Handle Themselves

You’ll never have to worry about sticking up for you curvy lover, although they probably wouldn’t mind your support. These girls can handle themselves when it comes to other people and, sometimes more importantly, their drinks. Careful with this one though, they might just drink you under the table.


Curvy Girls Know How to Have Fun

Sometimes it’s something as simple as always having an idea where to go on a date, other times it can be more abstract. It seems like curvy girls have always got something in mind and it always turns out to be a great time!


They Skip the Judgement

We told you before that curvy girls love good food and that extends to not judging you when you eat that extra slice of cake. That lack of judgement extends far beyond the food and calories, skip a day at the gym? Who cares! Curvy girls are so great they might event overlook it if you skipped leg day.

This is just 5 reasons dating a curvy girls the best but the list goes on and on! Either way, we’re sure that after you’ll love the curves as much as we do. Let us know what your favorite reasons are in the comments bellow.