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7 Reasons You Should Date a Curvy Girl

Whether you’re looking to reinforce what you already love or are trying to convince your friends they should be going after a curvy girl we’ve got you covered. There are countless reasons you should be dating someone with curves so pull up a chair, sit down your friend, and have them take a look at these 7 reasons you should date a curvy girl.

1. They’re great cuddlers

Meghan Trainor said it best when she said, “boys like a little more booty to hold at night.” The truth is, curvy women are just better cuddlers, they’re someone you can actually put your arms around and hold on tight. There’s no fun in cuddling a stick so guys, find yourself a curvy lady and hold on tight cause this is one thing we can guarantee.

2. They appreciate good food

Curvy girls aren’t going to sit and count calories, they’re going to enjoy the food and give you an honest opinion on it. A lot of people agree that curvy girls know what good food is and they enjoy not only trying new things but also cooking it themselves. This makes for one date who isn’t going to complain about her salad.

3. They can take a punch and come back swinging

Let’s be honest here, curvy women know how to handle themselves. They can take a complement but they can also take an insult. You know if someone comes at them they can take care of it on their own and often times put someone in their place when it’s necessary.

4. They’ve got confidence

They’ve got the curves and they know it, they’re not afraid to flaunt it and if they’re confronted about it you can be sure they won’t back down.

5. They can hold a drink

Curvy women are going hold a drink a better than most, its science. This means no more bringing a girl to the pub and going home after one drink. Honestly, she’ll probably give you a run for your money next time you’re out together.

6. Thousands of years of sexiness

Historically speaking curvy women have been the icon of sexiness for years. It wasn’t until recently that we created the obsession with sticks for models. Throughout most of history curves were a sign of social stature, and wealth, and health. Psychologically speaking men have always been attracted to the curves and that’s something that will never change.

7. Finally… Did we mention the curves?

In the end do we really need to say anything more than the curves themselves? Just stop and look at any curvy woman and admire, we shouldn’t have to say any more than that.

Main image: Lucija Lugomer