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Body Shaming, the Modern Epidemic

With how connected we are in the modern world it’s impossible to not be constantly seeing or sharing pictures and videos of yourself and others. This has ushered in a major issue in the modern world that is experienced by the young and the old, the famous and the obscure. Regardless of the circumstance we need to stand together to end the problem. Body shaming has become the modern epidemic and it’s something that needs to stop.

We too often hear stories or see comments of people telling women and men alike that they’re “too fat” or “too skinny.” We’re not the only ones taking notice of this problem, recently one of our favorite curvy stars has faced the issue herself.

Ashley Graham posted a picture of herself on social media and received all kinds of negative comments toward her body. She talked about the comments and her feelings toward them in a blog post on Lennyletter titled, “Shamed if I do, Shamed if I don’t.” During this post she talks about some of the negative comments she’s received and in the end leaves us with two major statements,

“The cycle of body-shaming needs to end. I’m over it.”

“My body is MY body. I’ll call the shots.”

We couldn’t agree more with Ashley in her latest statement, the trend of body shaming needs to end. In the end it all comes down to you, you should love your body regardless of your shape or size. We may be a little biased towards curves here but whether you’ve got curves or not you shouldn’t be subject to the harsh criticism of others.

No matter what happens you need to remember just like Ashley said, your body is your body. You call the shots. Don’t let yourself or others be victim to tasteless comments or cat calls, take pride in who you are and the rest will follow.