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Curves Spark Controversy

We stumbled across some interesting controversy with a unique outcome over the past week. Recently, a teacher posted on Instagram with some interesting results, upsetting some and empowering many, many more. Regardless of your thoughts on the hashtags, it seems curves are sparking controversy as of late.

A fourth-grade teacher used the hashtag, #TeacherBae to show off her curves to the world, some were shocked, some were inspired. Many people were upset by the inappropriate attire for a gradeschool teacher saying things like, “her clothes need maturity” while complementing her curvy figure.

Many curvy professional women seemed to have been inspired by the hashtag, creating some of their own like #NurseBae or #ITBae, all showing off their curves. Regardless of your opinion you’ve got to admire the confidence and courage of these curvy ladies, showing the world what they’ve got without fear!

Check out the hashtags for yourself and you’ll find a group of curvy professional women showing off to the world regardless of the situation. Some of them may be a bit less professional than some would like to see but we think the message is in the right place regardless.

Love your body, love yourself, regardless of what others say! Let us know what you think of the curvy hashtags in the comments below.