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Drawing up Some Curves

We’ve seen the fight for positive body images take many different forms, some more elegant than others. Like any battle the old saying, “The pen can be mightier than the sword” holds true and this artist is drawing up some curves to combat the social norms.

On a recent venture across the internet we happened to stumble upon a really impressive Facebook page of an artist from Brazil who has some beautiful artwork and an impressive message to go along with it. Eduardo Santos, or Edull as he invites us to call him on his website, is a freelance artist who’s made a goal of promoting self-acceptance among curvy women worldwide.


He uses his skills to convey messages like his most recent collection titled, “Power” which tries to share the natural power all women have. In his own words,

“I want to show this incredible diversity of races, styles and colors, each one has their own power and use it in their own way. I want to show that all women are powerful and make them reflect on: what is my power?”

The collection “Power” is a grouping of 10 illustrations of pop culture figures drawn in a bit of a curvier fashion.


Alongside his recent campaign, Edull is also promoting a contest where participants can have their own custom illustration done by sending him a picture of you, inspired by the powerful women collection, with a brief message saying what your power is. If you’re interested you can find the contest over at his Facebook page.

We’re glad to see others joining together to promote a more beautiful world where we can support one another and be happy with our own bodies regardless of the social norms. Let us know what you think of his artwork in the comments below!