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Find out Which Body Type You Are!

Whether you’re big or small or short or tall there’s a few body types that persist between just about everyone. Some women are graced with a generous bust, others are a little more bodacious and yet some just seem to have it all! If you’re wondering what shape you might be or if you’re just wondering which shape you like best we’ll help you decide which body type you are!



The final body shape is usually the most coveted, the hourglass. The hourglass body shape is exactly like it sounds, wide on top, wide on bottom, and slim in the middle. Talking about curves and not being able to flaunt them the hourglass figure usually makes for the center of attention.



Pear shaped women are like apple shaped women if they had been flipped upside down. Where their apple shapes friends may have been blessed with bust pear shaped girls have got it all in the hips!



Some women have it all and some women just like to keep it up top. The apple shaped body is like an hourglass that’s just lacking a little bit on the bottom side, not to take away from it. Apple shapes women tend to have a little more bust than others and usually aren’t afraid to flaunt it but after all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Regardless of which shape you are be confident in what you’ve got, everyone’s bringing something to the table, flaunt what you’ve got. If you find yourself coming to the end of this article and feeling a little disappointed, check out our article on confidence, it’s in the curve! In the mean time we hope you found out which body type you were!