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Instagram Is Trending a Curvy New Hashtag

You’ve seen us talk a lot about Instagram, its visual platform leads to a lot of negative, and positive things when it comes to curvy women and body image. We’ve seen some very poor trends but lately there have been a lot of really great ones and lately it happens to be that Instagram is trending a curvy new hashtag.

While it seriously confuses us, one of the most socially coveted body features is the thigh gap. The idea of a thigh gap is one that’s been plaguing the curvy community but lately the attention has been brought right back to curves with the #Mermaidthighs.


While it’s not the most eloquently worded hashtag we’ve ever seen it stands for a great message of self-confidence when it comes to your body. The hashtag stands to let women show their pride in the lack of a thigh gap by saying hey, I’m just that much closer to being a mermaid!

We love to see people promoting positive body image in such creative ways on a regular basis. If you scroll through the hashtag you’ll find tons of women basking in self-confidence and showing off their curves with no regrets or inhibitions.

We’re glad to see Instagram trending a new curvy hashtag that’s helping promote confidence and happiness worldwide once again. As of the last time we checked it’s seen almost 4,000 posts and has been continuing to rise. We certainly think it’s great but we’d love to hear from you, let us know what you think of the hashtag in the comments below!