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Men Love Curves, its Science!

When a man sees a curvy woman a number of things happen, scientifically speaking. We’ll pause for a moment here to let you get your head back on straight… Perfect, with that aside, there’s a number of chemical reactions that take place in the heads of men basically equal to the release of drugs when they enter the body. The point here? Men love curves, it’s science!

You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll tell you again, curvy women have the same effect on men as alcohol, they almost literally make men drunk. This scientific fact is an example of how looking at a curvy woman activates the same area of the brain as drugs and alcohol. This fact is only one of a few as to why curvy women are scientifically superior.

One of our personal favorites is the simple idea of natural selection. When men see women with large hips and breasts while they may be dumbfounded, what their brain is doing is giving tons of mental bonus points to woman for a whole slew of reasons. Primer runs through them all in depth but to list a few they’re genetic diversity, fertility, dominance.

Ladies, what we’re saying here is this, curves a sexy down to the core for more reasons than we could ever realize. Be confident and rock your curves like no other cause that alone is enough to land you just about any date of your choice. For the men, if you’re interested in getting your daily dose of curves, follow us on Facebook for our pick of daily curves!