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Second is the New First for an Italian Model

Recently, the Miss Italy pageant took place, and with it some irregular drama surrounding one of the contestants. While events took place like usual the second place contestant not only wowed but surprised many contestants since she was a curvy model. We thought she should’ve taken first place personally, but we think we can all agree that second is the new first for this curvy Italian model.

This was a huge improvement over past pageants worldwide where you always seem to see the same stick figured girls constantly winning regardless of who’s against them. In this case Paola Torrente managed to blow fans away with her beautiful curves and moved her way inter a decisive second place.

Even though there was overwhelming fan support for Torrente there were those who didn’t think so kindly of her. Following the event there was a body shaming assault headed by a Croatian model, Nina Moric, through Instagram. Moric assaulted Torrente’s Instagram profile claiming she, “Only won because of political correctness.”

Not all of her feedback was negative though. Many of the comments she received were from fans sharing their excitement for her victory and giving her genuine complements. Even with overall mixed reviews we still think this was a big success for positive body image.

While she doesn’t seem discouraged by the comments we hope to see her move on to even greater victories! We’re very proud to see curves starting to take center stage in some of the world’s most prominent beauty competitions worldwide.