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What Makes the Perfect First Date?

One of the biggest struggles with dating is getting past the first date, whether it’s a lack of wow factor or just a common disinterest it always seems to be a struggle. If you’ve experienced first date failures don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s some tips on what makes the perfect first date!

Keep it casual

One of the biggest things that people always forget is to keep it casual, too often people get worked up and fall flat on their face, sometimes literally. If you’ve made it this far you’re already past the first major struggle (Getting the date) so don’t sweat it, there’s already at least some level of interest. Take your time, be comfortable, and keep it casual.

Go somewhere social

We’ve all heard stories about or know that one friend who always goes to the movies on a first date, we’re going to keep this one simple for you: just don’t do it. The movies are one of the absolute worst choices for a first date. It’s almost impossible to get to know someone well in a dark, silent, crowded room that wreaks of popcorn. If you really want to see a movie than go for it but make sure you pair it with something casual like coffee.

Follow up

It sounds simple and outdated but sending a text and simply saying something like “It was great to see you” goes a long way. This is beneficial for you for two reasons, one it shows the person you’re still interested and two it can show you if they’re interested. You’re either going to get a “Yeah” kind of response or something nice and return.

In the end, if you’re struggling with your first date you’re not alone. No one really knows what makes “the perfect” first date but if you make a point to keep it casual, go somewhere conversational, and follow up afterwards you’ll have a leg up on the game.